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Age: 24
Sexuality: Bisexual, Sub
Kinks: Yes - Few Limits 
About her: A loving soul who will hold you near and dear to her, she will unconditionally love you as though she were yours and yours alone – if you so much as wish for it, you can make her yours and she’ll submit to your will completely.


Age: 24
Sexuality: Bisexual, Switch / Dom-lean
Kinks: Yes - Few limits
About her: Hands-on switch with tendencies to degrade her companion, will happily experiment with you as long as she doesn't have to bow down. She can be forced into submission if that is what you desire~ but she is more in her element when she gets to dom you.



Age: 22
Sexuality: bisexual
Kinks: Yes - Few limts
About her: Born as a mix between a Lupin and a Miqo'te, and raised in Kugane. She is a respectful and kind hearted soul, although she can sometimes be a little bratty if she feels more comfortable around you too, with all the good intentions still. She searches her own joy in making others feel appreciated, happy... and pleasured.♡


Age: 21
Sexuality: bisexual but woman pref.
Kinks: Yes - Few limits
About her: Mitsuki, is a curious and open minded kuganian catgirl that travelled throughout her youth through Eorzea. She had multiple reasons to do so which she needs to keep hidden cause of past. For now she resides in the inn since she does not have the money and oppurtunity to get a house in the wonderful Mist or Empyreum. Besides that she is very addicted to cuddles.



Age: 21
Orientation: Pansexual
Kinks: Sub leaning switch
About her: Reina recently arrived in Eorzea in search of fame and fortune. She initially started off as an adventurer but found out that she enjoys entertaining others a lot more and decided to become a dancer. She is a shy girl who prefers cute things. Though, behind that shy personality she is quite frisky and naughty.


Orientation : Bisexual
Kinks: Yes - Few limits, sub leaning
About her: Maarato Cooke is a very lovely and cute Miqo'te from Limsa Lominsa. She was raised by her grandparents, they thought her to be very patient and always trying to make others happy. Maarato loves to get cuddled but take care, she is still a wild Miqo'te, in her heart she is still wild and naughty.




Age: 24
Orientation: Pansexual, Switch / Sub-preference
Kinks: Yes - few limits, flexible.
About her: Hailing from the Azim Steppes Cecily is a kind-hearted and lovable soul who is always trying to do the right thing and make the people around her happy. Do not let this sweet look fool you though: Underneath she is hiding a kinky, submissive side. She will willingly fulfil your every wish and indulge your every whim ~